Tuesday, 3 May 2016

er...hey? It gonna be a long post

hmm, It's been a while since I update the blog for posting something and to be honest I'm starting to lazy posting stuff to blog. There are few things that I have been working on or basically I started too much project at once. Kinda regret about that. 

Anyway, as for the Toyota Aristo (JZS161) what is there any progress on it? Yep there is.
the car is textured

as well as it received a new body kit, Vertex's. P.S I didn't make a exhaust for the kit lol

What's up with the mazda 6(2013)?
updated as well and made J-Unit style body kit for it as well but interior still haven't touch yet

the engine bay area is a hell after all

Toyota Cresta (JZX100) with 396 style body kit

Next up, Toyota Cressida X30. I got permission from Fredrik Soerlie to use the base to modify as well as some reference pictures from him which is really a big help. Thanks dude! still W.I.P

and then what i have been recently working on, Toyota Crown Athlete S180 2004.

Lastly, a few month ago I started a instagram page not because GRED did as well just a few people suggested me to create one so I did.
There are some work and pictures which I didn't show in the blog so you guys can check it out if want.
That's all for now! Not sure when I will posting something again, Hmmm.


  1. Beautiful. Good work man. It's good to see that people still doing modelling for GTA SA :)

    1. not really doing for sa mods already but if want to see them on gta sa again sure just let me know