Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Need For Speed Carbon mod (s13)

Learned some modding for NFS Carbon ._. not very good, but working nicely lol
Converted s13 from forza and yeah stock with 4 wide kits turn out not bad result
hella lot of things need to fix and some how about dummy stuff. I don't know what to do some of them were missing.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Work Equip 03 [3D]

special thanks to chapz from touge union for sending me the equip and i use it for some "shape looking" to work this

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Toyota Corona RT140

I bet you guys saw gred's post already . Main idea was from gred that he says the one he has sucks lol then me agree of remake that car and the uvmap and fixing job done by gred also test the new graphic looking :D pretty nice and suit my taste

Enjoy pictures!

Monday, 15 October 2012

To be honest

You guys are too retarded or too racist on my chatbox. The chatbox I fucking register to let you comment and giving advice for what I have done wrong and let you guys save up times of skipping login logout the account by comment under the post also for somehow do some blog advertisment like add each other knowing each other BUT YOU GUYS DID THE FUCKING BULLSHITS SPAM INSULT RACISM RETARDED BEING RELEASE YOUR MADNESS OR EVEN OUTSIDERS CROSS INTO. ARE YOU BLIND FUCKS?
examples for this retarded racism guy did all over the place
greed1: i'll hack ur shit too fucker, release all the cars loser noob
Girl.: Omg you're all idiots with horrible grammar x7 times
Dove: Leave my friend alone! She knows other people are called flash, but you actually stole her shout box, so she can't get in, because you changed the password! Stop!

to be honest on dove's msg you seriously dicky minded didnt you know the earlier register earlier you owned that part

other actually same person all overall the chatbox for mods also a racism/insult guy
from FR-STYLE's blog
cina babi: flash motherfuckers get out of malaysia
cina babi: flash is sex addict
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Keisuke the porn: and my friend flash and gtr is gay too
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Keisuke 2: and he is the liar
Keisuke 2: he just fuck his moms yesterday
Keisuke 2: keisuke is porn
Keisuke 2: tomorow it will be released
Keisuke 2: tomorow it will be registered
Keisuke babi: hey,when the initial pack will be finish?this is 2012.i have wait 2 year for the pack

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hellsing Alucard's 10-inches pistol [FAN ART]

base picture by shadowcrusader155
rig by yohsuke
scratch made by me
theres no in-game picture because i cant get a damn nice angle shot for it
owh yeah i have a link for "greed1" who fuck around for mods so here it is
DOWNLOAD for the gun special release for "greed1" remember that

Friday, 12 October 2012

Toyota Mark II GX71

been long time eh?another with GRED works.Scratch this scratch that everything goes fine and I guess you already seen GRED's post already right?I won't write too much then.
Enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Scion FR-S

heres come the new ride I done :D Greddy/Trust with Rocket Bunny kit.
-Paintjob with Danius help
-Scratch made fender
-Scratch made body kit
-Scratch rim called Volk Racing G25s with 3d tire
Credits goes to Forza 4 the model, Modifuker remind me the stuff Danius for helping brake disc from Tatsuo's work meister(the one you release with) and exhaust texture from slr community(sry for using and I don't know who's it been a long time ago I downloaded that muffle pack)

No Download because how hardwork it is!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mazda Luce Legato

another work with GRED and yep scratch made car nothing more the less quite nice old school car :D
Some idiot thinks that chatbox is his/her's spam and insult others dont be cocky the chatbox register with my damn account so stfu if you hate it just leave it alone.
What we done?
-3d exterior
-3d cockpit
-very nice stock rim from GRED
-texture work and uvmap by GRED
-japanese plates

Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nissan Fairlady 432z

Guess what?I've been doing this.The main idea came from wangan midnight movie and some from here.
also that I scratch made a rim(RS Watanabe) just for it ;D
Forza lod1 model

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nissan Laurel C33 & GT-S R32 4 doors

2 cars in 1 post sounds interesting or not as you wish.
lets say the GT-S R32 because less pictures of it.
Original by Andrew_A1
I did was re work the body into 4 doors xD
of course the most boring part that I have to edit doors doorsils and re work interior D:
However,both car used same rim xD
Laurel C33
I don't know the original author is who but the fixed version done by GRED and I get from KEISUKE.Sorry for this that I get this without permission and edited DX
Me re work a little bit on exterior for door lines and so on
Interior I kept the dash rest deleted to make stripped interior.
Credits goes to: 
Tom2's stripped door panel from his 180sx
Franco from SLRR modding community,I get from [F]izzz and I ripped and I'm very sorry D:
Found some very nice texture for tailights
Replicate this real car "Link"
Enjoy and no download!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Falken Wheel Koblenz [3D]

Thanks to Danius for the rim name and I showed him whole process of this rim so maybe he will do some scratch made rim so stay tune!
Remember visit him!