Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nissan Laurel C33 & GT-S R32 4 doors

2 cars in 1 post sounds interesting or not as you wish.
lets say the GT-S R32 because less pictures of it.
Original by Andrew_A1
I did was re work the body into 4 doors xD
of course the most boring part that I have to edit doors doorsils and re work interior D:
However,both car used same rim xD
Laurel C33
I don't know the original author is who but the fixed version done by GRED and I get from KEISUKE.Sorry for this that I get this without permission and edited DX
Me re work a little bit on exterior for door lines and so on
Interior I kept the dash rest deleted to make stripped interior.
Credits goes to: 
Tom2's stripped door panel from his 180sx
Franco from SLRR modding community,I get from [F]izzz and I ripped and I'm very sorry D:
Found some very nice texture for tailights
Replicate this real car "Link"
Enjoy and no download!


  1. awesome sedans! im very happy that i saw your blog.
    check out my blog if you have some minute
    (^o^ )/

  2. Hey man! How are you..? Well.. I make cars for Live for Speed and i need much of a Laurel C33 for convertion.. Please, add me on msn.. gustavo-xavier-prado@hotmail.com.. Thanks.

  3. alright amarusia and gustavo i know you wanted but no sry

  4. I would like an Laurel to download and edit it for my own use. Can i?

    1. i used http://www.gamemodding.net/en/gta-san-andreas/gta-sa-cars/22849-nissan-laurel-c33.html and remodify by gred and then i re-remodify again

    2. Okay... thanks. My skills in zmod are like 1 week, but maybe ill work something out of this car. For the first, i got to change those backlights :/

    3. well take your time for working these ofc they arent finish within 1hour work lol