Monday, 14 December 2015

new post?well yeah maybe

Its been a while since I posting something here.Some sort of stuff happens such as examinations, decisions to be made, path to choose and so on for a graduated high school student. Anyway here are some stuff I been working on after graduate.

BN Sport Blister wide body kit on soarer quite nice actually

Not only just soarer but Supra too

a few Work Meister rims are made as well
s1 3p, m1 3p and cr01

other than japanese cars

BMW M4 with Varis kit fitted (been a fan since I did bmw z4)

and then maybe apply paint job might not bad afterall

i dont know when i will make a new post of my works but thats all i assume
OH! i didnt noticed that the blog is about to reach 200k visits with around 5k visitors more then maybe i should start work on gifts for xmas and the 200k visits