Thursday, 8 January 2015

a few things happened at the early 2015 hmm

I look back my blog comment never thought MASTERMINDNA would came register an account just to comment at the Odyvia post i made but sadly I did not response his comment which is err my bad for not taking a look or cared my blog D'oh and so I decide to find them in facebook and questioned but guess what?It's real!

From his profile those posts in his facebook one of the car caught my attention which is BMW Z4 done by Varis Japan that gonna show on TAS2015. Meanwhile due to information of that car is not enough which I cannot try replica entire car into 3d or I should say I cannot actually replica the entire car exactly same. During the modeling process, that time I only have a few pictures from GTSPIRIT 's website.


Day 1: Pain in the ass figuring the shape of  front bumper as well as the fender

Day 2: Things went fine and better than I expert which is most of the bodykit are modeled

afterwards having a Preview in keyshot which is done by my friend(my pc somehow cannot handle my works or maybe worst case than that)

Since bodykit pretty much done BUT wheres the wheel?! Oh well I go question Mastermindna again about what suitable rim for it
his answer: ISS Forged F1-15

Day 3: I made the rim in 3d :O!

ignore the poly count since it can be adjusted

well at the time being I don't care about my pc anymore and rendered the rim haha

Day 4: The product of car

(edit/use/wallpaper or whatever you want mean even you didnt credit me I still proud of it since yeah its epic plus already use it for wallpaper theres no meaning of put my watermark on it! :D)

Return the flavor to the guy who did epic render of z4 so I make Work Meister S2R for him!
after I done the rim he is like too excited and cannot wait to render it haha so the picture below is his render

Before end the post

this desk area sure is nice and windy to relax haha


  1. i really dont know if you remember me , but im back to modding :D , nice work on dat bmw z4 <3

    1. i remember you thats why i comment shit in your chatbox

  2. nice modeling skill here flash!!! love ,it

  3. Please can you give me some of these for private use in rfactor? Interested in rims,thank you,and nice work :D