Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How about do some "progress" post

Well yeah I notice this blog is like deadly dead on some way so why don't I do some progress like showing update for a certain model etc that might keep blog alive and running well (maybe) haha.

skip the annoying long ass post that people actually lazy to read lol.

I made a Volvo 142 (year: 1974) that Anton asked me to do it as well as it is my first time doing a volvo in model haha.Everything done in 3ds max like usual

After sick of doing volvo I made a rim into 3d that I wanted it badly back then which is Volk Racing GTC. The result hmm its good just I really horrible at render xD.

Another big car project which I received from Anton and that car is been everywhere but no download link been found(recently a random VK website released this model I forgot the link but I don't like the result of that car either)

Toyota Mark II Tourer V JZX100
So far that I made 3 set of body kits for it which are Uras Style L, Origin-lab Streamline and Origin-lab Stylish.Also, as I said that I'm not satisfied by the random fitment etc that done by them as well as the interior that they fitted a wrong year model of interior so I made a nice interior instead of ripping the interior from Toyota Chaser that been released by others.

HAAA my low quality mark ii's rim got leaked(I shouldn't trust them back then pfff) and released on everywhere lol but screw it I made a better one c:

LASTLY, oh my this post is sure damn long lol yeah after using 3ds max for some time IT IS TIME for me to re work my old ca18det engine that I made.I don't care about SLRR community has done a CA18 engine. It is my choice to make a engine for myself since I cant trust anyone anymore unless you PAY IT! >:D

oh P.S if you interested in buying the models I that made you can PM me in my youtube(at the side column).I need to get myself some earning for support xD.