Saturday, 22 November 2014

Subaru Alcyone (Subaru XT)

This time Collab with Yohsuke and Gred togather (3p?dafuq) for this project it suppose only me and Gred but more info can be read in gred's blog. So like usual I'm the main for the car body and stuff but back then I didn't finish interior since Gred pick s100 first while this subaru suppose to be first but end up to be second haha.Yohsuke happen to take a part is because he converted one from somewhere idk.after that I show some ingame pictures to Gred and he happen to have for another rework on it which is twice reworked xD but as usual Gred always make something impressive and awesome job done there.

This is might be a special case of Gred since this car might be the first car featured 2d radiator in his work lol

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