Thursday, 13 February 2014

Nissan Cedric Y33

Oke jump to main point this project i already started since last year which month i forgot which is i wanted a proper quality of cedric y33 even theres a few similar mods for download but not satisfy me much.jump to the stupid list i made for this car as well as stealing parts from random car

-HD chassis as well as the nissan engine from er34 which i dunno the author if you happen to be that author pls leave comment there i will add
-nice nissan oem rim from nelly's laurel c35
-pretty good looking interior some interior misc took from nelly's laurel c35 and forza's r34 stuff
-Wrongly uvmapped taillight and headlight with vehiclelights128

also config new enb settings however sadly i only able to use it for screenshot not video footage etc due to some certain place caused enb bugged


  1. Hello I'm Keigo from Japan.
    I'm verry impressed with your Y33
    acually, I 'm owner of this car in my real life.
    your carmods quality is very very nice
    i really want this car mod....

    1. Sorry for late reply and thanks for compliment.
      Well owning one of these kind of car is quite fortunate to me since i quite a fan of sedans. As for mods I don't think that i will public or because of my selfishness it is due to model steal and edited without permission