Sunday, 3 November 2013

Remember the Top Secret V12 supra?

Yes as the title said, I'm going to release the real original of mine because i found out someone ripped it off and released on which is ultra gay :|
and heres the link of pure stolen and totally rip off + no credit given that sucks LINK *EDIT: the guy who stole my stuff is banned but it seems i confused the admin*

Click this to download the V12 Supra - Only on gtainside. If you see it hosted on any other website such as then that is stolen/rip off/no permission release


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  2. You should not have done so, and now her disfigure any noobs

  3. It would be better to have one that mocked the Evil Empire than this

  4. I mean it would be better if they were disfigured Supra Evil Empire, than yours. Your better