Friday, 22 March 2013

Nissan Skyline R30 RS Turbo

It's like me and GRED have aim of making a nice r30 so we collab, most of you already saw it already on GRED's blog however graphic stuff all from GRED again except enb cuz he never liked it anyway. Here's the list what I did on the R30

-a nice detailed stock rim
-a nice pure stock interior however not everything
-3d modelling the exterior however gred fixed some that i actually dunno wtf is missing

pff heres the screenshots enjoy
PS screenshots may be dark


  1. heh,some of my graphic mods,but with your different texture of sky and enb it looks quite different than my game :P

  2. really?i totally use yours and i just apply my own enb and re config the colormod for brightness issue lol

  3. It looks amazing dude! Sorry for not being on... I'm back soon.. I promise :P -scrapz