Wednesday, 9 January 2013

FC3S For SSD aka Street Style Drifters

the story line goes like this yoh invited me to join and so i did and in the conversation everyone seems agreed each other of doing their own profile car aka personal car not very bad idea but make headache when come to think what car should be and yeah after a while i choose FC3S R-Magic wide kit the car i download from 41aeimi's skydrive pretty awesome model he convert and decrease poly because of that it actually suit my taste for doing this so credit goes to 41aeimi nothing more and heres the picture enjoy!


  1. Nice mods man I Have added you to my friend list can you add me to yours?

  2. Is there anywhere to download this model? Or any of your models for GTASA?

    I would love them in my game! Haha. Good work :)